Is Rodeo Cruel to Animals

Topics: Rodeo, Cowboy, Cattle Pages: 4 (1209 words) Published: March 6, 2012
Is Rodeo Cruel to Animals?

The sport of Rodeo has been a tradition in the United States since the cowboys of the American West began pushing herds of cattle across this country. Often, there was very little to do besides hard work with the cattle and horses, so the cowhands would often get together and compete with each other in the skills that they practiced every day on their jobs in order to relieve boredom. The first competitions in rodeo consisted mainly of riding bucking horses and roping steers, cows and calves, because this was what their work consisted of. Each ranch would send their best cowboys they had. The cowboys were competing only for the honor of their ranches they worked for, and their bosses who owned those ranches. Any money they might have made from these competitions came from betting against one another on who was the better "Cow-hand". As rodeo began to get more popular more events were added to the rodeo and money became more involved by sponsors. The rodeos soon became very family oriented. Traditions from generations back would get passed down to the children, then grandchildren and so forth. The biggest debate ever since rodeo has started is: Is rodeo cruel to animals? Although rodeo may seem to be cruel to animals, there are many factors that play an important part of how animals are brought up, such as their training, their anatomy structure, and how they are raised to become potential rodeo animals, all of which are humane ways.

Animal activists all over the country go around to rodeos and protest that rodeo is cruel to animals. But not all of animal activists have the research and supporting evidence to prove that people are being cruel to animals. What most people do not realize, is that rodeo animals such as cattle and horses are raised very similar to how a dog or cat may be raised. People give their animals’ special food such as supplements that have the right vitamins and minerals to allow for their animals to...
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