Is Racism Dead

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  • Published : September 27, 2012
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Reaction paper to Income and poverty by race and Household net worth by race. Focusing on the article “Income, Earnings, and Poverty Data From the 2006 American Community Survey” Bruce H. Webster Jr and Alemayehu Bishaw addresses problems attached to “If racism is really dead?” In summarizing fashion this report talks about three main sections namely household income, earnings of men and women, and poverty mentioned in paragraph 6 on page 1. Bruce H. Webster Jr and Alemayehu Bishaw take an exceptional perception when questioning “if race is dead?” in terms of income and poverty in the world today. This shares an interesting perspective that involves a new turn to our old beliefs on race. This article gives statistics of the income and poverty in different states in the United States of America in 2006. This article was so captivating to me because I came across statistics that bewildered me although interesting to know that these facts/statistics exist in the world today. It is also fascinating that “household income includes the income of the householder and all other people 15 years and older in the household” mentioned in paragraph 2 on page 2 of this article. This was surprising to me because I never knew that ages fifteen are suitable for a job in a household, however this article was issued in august 2007, so I guess that explains the statement mentioned above because, an individual have to be sixteen and older to get a job in the United States of America or it is considered illegal if one isn’t in the era we are today. This article shows that in terms of income, Asians alone have the highest median household income of ($63,642) while blacks, Hispanics, American Indians and Alaska natives are at the bottom with ($32,372), ($38,747) and ($33,762) respectively. This article therefore reflects that racism isn’t dead. The table that explains this fact can be found on page 3 of this article, moreover this was confusing to me as an individual, because I always...
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