Is Personality, Behavior, and Temperament Genetic or Environmental?

Topics: Human behavior, Psychology, Human Pages: 3 (853 words) Published: February 21, 2008
Is Personality, Behavior, and Temperament Genetic or Environmental?

The word "attempt" is critical when discussing the value of the coupling of genes and environment. Each person possesses differing qualities and attributes that, when put together, establish that person as an individual member of society. Psychologists study the questions of why and how in a very broad sense to encompass human beings as both a whole and an independent entity.

Scientists have long studied the reasons why people develop different personalities, behaviors, thinking styles and temperaments, ultimately reaching the conclusion that a combination of genetic and environmental influences reflects equally in the overall understanding of personal development. Research involving identical twins who were separated at birth and eventually brought up within completely diverse families illustrate how there may exist some residual genetic components to inevitably assist in the overall developmental process, yet the twins ultimately grow up to be two very dissimilar individuals due to their respective upbringing. The social, political, economical and religious activities experienced in everyday life represent the very essence of what it means to be a human being. These representations illustrate how and why a person act the way he or she does; how people attribute their moods, feelings and emotions; the way in which they interact with one another; as well as what governs their overall behavior. Attempting to ascertain the laws that influence human social behavior is a grand task, even though humans as a species are much the same, individually there are many differences. There exist areas where conclusions can be drawn to the effects on human behavior, including community, family, substance addition, divorce, deviant behavior, child abuse, public opinion and government. In short, there are a number of characteristics that make up a human being and his or her interaction with the...
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