Is Megan's Law Constitutional?

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Is Megan’s Law Constitutional?
State Legislators across the United States have enacted “Megan’s Law”; this requires all convicted sex offenders to register at their local police department and notify their community about what they have done and where they are currently residing. But is it constitutional? Many can that it leaks too much information about the offender’s life. Having this information for the public is very useful and should be used to know the whereabouts of sex offenders.

There is a deep and emotional background to the concept of Megan’s law. Richard and Maureen Kanka gave birth to a beautiful daughter with blonde hair, on December 7, 1986. From her pictures, she seem like an amazing little girl who would brighten up anyone’s day. Megan’s parents had no knowledge that Jesse Timmendequas, the man living across the street from them was a convicted sex offender. On July 29, 1994, Jesse Timmendequas lured Megan into his home, only thirty yards from her front doorstep. It was there that this seven year old girl, was raped and murdered.

Jesse Timmendequas was already convicted twice before the rape and murder of Megan Kanka. He was sentenced to ten years in the Adult Diagnostic and Treatment Center, a prison for sex offenders. After spending six years there, he was released early for good behavior. Timmendequas lived in a home that was owned by his mother with two other convicted sex offenders. Timmendequas invited Megan into his home he told her he had a puppy if she wanted to see him, when they got in his room, he tried to molest her, but Megan was screaming too loud, so he pushed her down to the floor and repeatly hit her in the head. After a few minutes he twisted a belt around her neck until she was unconscious. All throughout the United States, the Federal Government has passed “Megan’s Law” in an attempt to provide American citizens information about sex offenders living near them. These laws are known as Megan’s Laws because of Megan Kanka’s horrible death. Prior to her murder, no one in the neighbored was aware of this man’s past or that he had been convicted twice before for sex offenses against young girls. Nor did anyone know of the two other convicted sex offenders living in the home. A law was passed known as Jacob Wettering Crimes against Children and Sexually Violent Offender Registration, which requires sex offenders to register as a convicted sex offender. Although it was never stated they had to register in a community and let police know where they were at all times. This is the reason Megan’s Law came into effect.     Before Megan’s Law could be passed, it took much work and evidence that this Law should be in place. State Legislators require at least the following things to be shown before even thinking about putting a law in place, (a) sex offenders must have done their prior offense again in a higher manner and (b) they have to commit serious and horrible damage to their victims. After providing this information the Law was passed. It now meant any convicted sex offenders must register with an approved Department with the information of where exactly they are living, who they are living with, and much more detailed information.  When this information is given, the Department is allowed to publicize this information to anyone who wants it. This allows anyone to get this information and know of any sex offenders living within their community, county, or wherever else they may desire to know this information.

Talking about creating a law is like talking about creating a new world. A topic that has never been an issue before can all of the sudden be brought into the spotlight the eyes of our politicians and a new topic it brought into Congress. Megan's Law is one is those things. After what happened to Megan Kanka, people were horrified, scared, confused and most of all had a lot of sorrow for the story. How did this convicted sex offender move into their community without anyone...
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