Is Lottery a Good Idea

Topics: Addiction, Gambling, Problem gambling Pages: 4 (1189 words) Published: March 2, 2013
Is a Gambling a Good Idea?
Definition of Gambling
Merriam-Webster’s Learners Dictionary defined gambling as “playing a game in which you can win or lose money or possessions” (Merriam). Origin of gambling in the United States
The first lottery was held in the America by the Virginia Company with the permission of the Crown to raise money to finance the establishment of the Colony in 1612. The lotteries were relatively sophisticated and included instant winners. All the original 13 raised revenue through lotteries. The proceeds were used to establish Harvard, Yale, Columbia, Dartmouth, Princeton, and William and Mary. Lottery funds were also used to build churches and libraries. Ben Franklin, John Hancock, and George Washington were all prominent sponsors of specific lotteries for public works projects. Major Forms of Gambling

Casinos – these are places where people can place bets on games. Lotteries – these are drawings in which people buy tickets. In this case a ticket number will be selected randomly whoever matches the tickets will be the winner of the cash prize. Most of the lotteries are held by the States. Poker –According to Encarta World Dictionary is a “card game in which players attempt to acquire a winning combination of cards and bet at every deal” (Encarta). Although, there are some benefits to gambling, it seems that problems arising from gambling may outweigh these benefits. Proponents of gambling argue that state coffers are enlarged because of sale of lottery tickets and taxes from other gambling activities. These funds are used to maintain States infrastructures and then given to education. Because of the following problems associated with gambling, I do not think that gambling is a good idea. Gambling and prostitution

There is always an attraction between Casinos gambling and prostitution. Places like the State of Nevada and New Jersey, where most of their businesses are in the form of Casino Gambling tend to invite prostitution...
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