Is It Just a Crush?

Pages: 4 (1999 words) Published: February 27, 2011
Is It Just A Crush?

Is it just a crush? Or is there something more? I ask myself these questions every time I talk to this certain person. When you’re young and have crush on someone it usually goes away when something better comes along. But what if someone better doesn’t keep your mind off the one you've lost. Yes, you can keep o pretending that those feelings aren’t there anymore but you know deep down their not. I can say that at the age I’m at now that I have a serious crush. Never thought I would still act this way but when things come to this certain someone are different. It was the summer of ‘09 in July; I met this person almost two summers ago. It was during those times where I wasn’t looking and just wanted to have fun that night. It was night out with the girls and I haven’t had one of those in awhile. It wasn’t too hot out so I wore a pair of red shorts, tank top, and some sexy stilettos. I wanted to stand out from the crowd so if anybody was watching me they would know what to look for if I disappeared. I danced and drank their famous icee drinks. There was good music and the place was packed. I was having so much I never even noticed this tall chocolate guy watching me. He had a nice lean muscular body that I noticed right off the back, the guy he was with actually knew my cousin with that night. We introduced ourselves and kind of flirted. I was interested and wanted to know more about this person but only as friends. We enjoyed the rest of the night dancing on the dance floor but it didn’t last very long. A very drunk and disrespectful female involved herself in the equation and things kind of turned ugly. I didn’t know if she was his girlfriend or an ex. I wasn’t in the mood to make things worse for HER so I distanced myself from him and the situation. All the girls decided to leave and continue the party outside. The streets were packed with lots of cars and people that we didn’t need that place. Cars were blasting music since the streets...
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