Is Higher Education Worth the Cost?

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Angela Blue
Miss. Gary
EN101 C
Final research
“Is Higher Education worth the Cost?”

Americans today tend to believe that college education is not an option but more so a necessity. “Why are so many parents trying to encourage their kids to attend college”? Is it because they are trying to control their lives? Or maybe it’s because they are just awful parents? I say that it’s completely the opposite of that. Parents just want what’s best for their kids; they don’t want them to have to fight the struggle of the daily grind. Nobody wants that life! Although a college education could be costly, it is worth the cost because it can help young African American males find a career instead of a job, and it could be beneficial to their child’s life. One source talks about how much College tuition has tripled since the 1980s. This called for the rise of a lot of student loan debts. Due to finical reasons majority of people are not worried about attending college. Others think that there is no need to go, and the rest said that they just can afford it. From the same source someone stated that the only thing that’s more expensive than getting an education is not getting an education. I read from another source that with a high school diploma, there is a very low chance of finding a career and a job with high earnings. One reason why I believe that higher education is worth the price is because it can help you find a career and instead of a job. For example, according to statistics from the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics(“Job outlook for college graduates”(3) constantly shows that workers who have a bachelor’s or graduates degree have higher earnings and lower unemployment than workers who have less education. Between 2004 and 2012, more than 14 million job openings are projected to be filled by workers who have a degree. A college degree makes it easier to enter many of the fastest...
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