Is Fracking Safe?

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  • Published : July 23, 2012
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Is Fracking Safe?

February 3, 2012

Is Fracking Safe
Safe natural gas fracturing or “fracking” is on the rise and our country is benefiting from in on several levels. From meeting energy needs to creating jobs and helping the economy, natural gas is an invisible miracle. Many precautions are taken during the fracking process in order to ensure it is safe as possible. Natural gas is something I work around every day due to the fact I work in the oilfield and the work I do is carried out during a “frac.” Many environmentalist and various people from different scientific fields argue that the benefits are not worth the risk.

Is natural gas a superior energy source to oil and coal? There are many studies that provide information that shows the benefits of natural gas over oil and coal due to reduced emissions. With new environmental standards arriving every day, there is always room for improvement in regards to our overall carbon footprint as a nation. Natural gas burns much cleaner than coal and oil, helping reduce this carbon footprint which is our overall input of carbon based waste into the atmosphere. Scientific studies have discovered that natural gas contains 25% less carbon than oil when burned as an energy source. In addition to that, natural gas contains 50% less carbon than coal when burned as an energy source and this type of emission reduction is paramount in today’s world where we realize the damage we have done to earth already. University studies and research teams have conducted multiple experiments concluded that when extracted properly natural gas is a much cleaner alternative to oil or coal.

Natural gas has the potential to relieve some of our national dependence on foreign oil and relieve some of the vulnerability our country has to crude oil prices from month to month. Almost 25% of our national energy supply came from natural gas in 2011. (US...
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