Is Flirting the Same as Sexual Harassment

Topics: Human sexuality, Sexual intercourse, Sexual harassment Pages: 9 (3023 words) Published: November 19, 2012
Is Flirting the Same as Sexual Harassment
Critical Thinking 1760
Jue Hou
Professor Anthony Falikowski
Word Count: 1226

Step 1: Model Case
A sixty year old librarian trying to flirt with a young girl in the library by telling a sex joke when she is borrowing a book. The action annoys the girl a lot and she tries to leave the library as quick as she can. But the librarian stops the girl to flirt with her again by touching her face and arms which is inappropriate and scares the girl deeply. The girl calls the police.

|Flirting |Sexual Harassment | |The receiver feels happy |Often by forcing | |It relates to sex |Sexual content( relates to sex) | |It’s naughty, funny and exciting |Often involve physical touch and coarse | |The receiver wishes it |language | |Both the person who is doing it or the |Degrades people | |receiver have positive attitude toward |It is a crime | |each other |It scares people | |The receiver feels honour and attractive. |It leaves the victim a negative memory | |It often involves welcomed physical touch |The victim does not wish or desire it. | |and flattering language |The victim feels shameful, sad, and angry |

In this case, the inappropriate flirting definitely results the same as sexual harassment. The girl feels insulting and all the negative feelings caused by sexual harassment.

Step 2: Contrary Case
A middle age woman is troubled by lacking a boy friend for a long time. She meets a handsome and wealthy man in the bar. The man has a crush on her and trying to flirt with the woman by flattering her beauty and making some loving touch on her hair and shoulder. The woman is very happy and they finally wake up in the same bed together next morning.

|Flirting |Sex Harassment |Why not sex harassment | |The receiver feels happy |It involves forcing |The victim of harassment does not feel | |Welcomed physical touch and flattering |It is a crime |good | |It is equally happy and acceptable for |It scares and degrades people |No one is being forced | |both sides | |No one committed a crime | | | |Sex harassment does not welcome the | | | |physical touch | | | |Only the person commits sex harassment | | | |feels happy and acceptable. | | | |No one is being scared and degraded |

In this case, flirting is not the same as sexual harassment because everyone is happy and well accepted what the other is doing.

Step 3: Borderline Case

A young and beautiful woman wears a sexy dress in a party that held by her company. She tries to catch the eye of her boss and makes a good impression to her boss which is good for her career. Her boss is deeply attracted by her and flirting with her by touching the woman’s butt and whispering closely beside her ears. The action is definitely out of the woman’s...
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