Is Failure a Better Teacher Than Success

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  • Published : November 14, 2010
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Failure can be a noteworthy teacher because it clearly demonstrates what not to do. Nobody wants to fails but, failure can educate us on many things. It can build character, drive us to improve, and provide us with wisdom and experience. If failure is accepted with an open mind it can contribute valuable knowledge and drive progress towards the goal of success. It is the journey which makes us or breaks us. In essence our success is largely dependent upon how we fail and most importantly how we react to them.

The combination of traits and qualities distinguishing an individual’s nature of a person and the experiences which teach some of life’s lessons is how you “Build Character”. For example, failing for the first time may seem like a catastrophic experience however; the ability to fall and rise again builds character in people. Just being able to get up and try again is means of proving that an individual is considerable then whatever it was that caused him or her to fail. These life lessons begin while we are young and we carry them with us as we grow up. To illustrate this we teach this to our children so they understand that success is not handed to him or her without hard work. German philosopher Friedrich Nietzsche first used the expression "what does not destroy me makes me stronger." Nobody likes to fail but it can be used to create an even greater determination to find success. As you begin to develop the power from within, you learn that the only way to succeed is to lay everything on the line and try as hard as possible to make it work.

Deaths and taxes are not the only thing in life that is inevitable. Failure and success also falls in this category. As you drive to improve and learn from past mistakes to achieve success. Your self-confidence goes wild with tunnel vision offering only one outcome; that of reaching the end. You become what is called "thick-skinned" a by-product of character building with a bit...
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