Is Dr. Horrible Really an Evil Character

Topics: Joss Whedon, Villain, Kill Pages: 2 (869 words) Published: February 20, 2012
Dr. Horrible

Dr. Horrible may portray the antagonist in Joss Whedon’s mini-series “Dr. Horrible and the Sing along Blog” but he does not actually act evil. As you listen to Dr. Horrible talk on his blog he comes across as a normal guy; you almost could not take him seriously with his talk of “evil” and certainly not a killer. When Dr. Horrible is answering all of his fan mail the letters are filled with sarcasm and questions asking him why he has not succeeded in any of his plans. If he truly was a cold hearted killer he would not get fan mail, he would not have viewers, and he most definitely would never fail to succeed in plans of evil. Dr. Horrible himself even states that he just cannot get into the “Evil League of Evil” because he is not yet evil enough, he states that he is still working on his evil laugh. He receives the letter from bad horse saying that he received his application and he needs to prove himself before he can be in the league. If you listen to Dr. Horrible song on being a villain you will notice he is not becoming evil to destroy the world, but rather to stop it so he can find the time to think of the perfect words to say to Penny; his secret love. Perhaps Dr. Horrible thinks that to be an evil villain he must be strong, smart, and brave; things he may be insecure that he lacks himself. Also in his song he says that it is not nor a death ray or a snow ray because that is too wrong for him. He simply just wants Penny to have the time to realize that he is the guy for her.

When Dr. Horrible officially meets Penny, it is most certainly at the wrong place and time. He was caught off guard and nervous and not thinking when he ran into penny while he was trying to perform his task of gaining the “Wonderflonium”. Because he was not thinking correctly he was not fully aware of his surroundings therefore missing the fact that his competition Captain Hammer was nearby. He asks himself why Penny decided to talk to him now of all times but...
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