Is College Worth the Cost

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Is College Worth The Cost?
College is getting more and more expensive as the years go on. The question is; is it worth the cost? In three different articles, authors will tell you their opinion and give evidence behind their reasoning. Derek Thompson writes “What’s More Expensive than College? Not Going to College,’ Amy Phillips writes “Is college worth the money?” and Justin Pope writes “College Costs: New Research Weighs the True Value of a College Education.”

First, author Derek Thompson’s main claim is there is still something more expensive than going to school, very often that is not going to school. Thompson uses data and charts as evidence to prove his theory of the cost of college. This makes it very affective to his article because there are detailed charts helping to prove his opinion. His purpose for writing his article is to make sure the people who don’t know that not attending college can make you suffer in the real world with your job. The intended audience for his article is the people who don’t plan on going to college because they need to see what mistake they are making. In the chart in the article it shows us the unemployment rates from people with a Doctoral degree to people who only had less than a high school diploma. Obviously the rates for people who had less than a high school diploma were over 12 times the amount of a Doctoral degree. He also states within the article that college grads earn more than 80% than people who don’t go to school period. That’s a staggering amount of money that’s could be earned but people don’t chose to take it. I believe his evidence definitely supports Thompson’s main claim.

Next, Amy Phillip’s main claim is that education is not worth the cost because to many people have a degree. Phillips uses sources to give her evidence behind her main claim. She claims that the saying “spend more money to achieve a better standard of living” is wrong. She states that yes going to college does earn you...
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