Is College Worth It?

Topics: Higher education, University, Education Pages: 2 (607 words) Published: December 15, 2012
Is a college education really worth the investment of time, money and energy? Is a college degree really worth going deep in student loan debts? Higher education is a considerable gamble. For many people it works out well, but many of the other college graduates have found themselves completely unable to get a great job in this economy with a huge amount of debt on their shoulders. The entire system encourages students to take out any kindand amount of loans they need without worrying how they will pay them back. For that reason these people also say that college education is a good investment. For the past few decades, a college education was actually an almost automatic ticket to a job and a middle class life but today, higher education does not guarantee anything. The only thing guaranteed for millions of people is that they will fall in a great amount of debt in student loans. According to Annie Lowery in Slate magazine\'s article \"Is College a Rotten Investment?” higher education is still a worthwhile investment. Lowery compares higher education to be very much like real estate and questions the argument that higher education is an economic bubble. Although there was no logical reason on why the prices on both homes and higher-ed have increased over a specific amount of time, Lowery mentions a reasonable analogy. Houses are like stock shares. They can be sold and bought but this method does not work with a college degree simply because it is not something you can trade in, or in other words, it cannot be inherited. Lowery describes a diploma as a very changeable and diverse investment in which a person is capable of doing many useful things. She also mentions that even though some may argue that colleges are overpriced, there are still many institutions that give you a higher education without being too pricy. As a conclusion, Lowery still questions the cost of higher education but also give us an assurance that taking your education to a higher level is...
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