Is Canada the Best Place to Live in?

Topics: Human Development Index, Life expectancy, Canada Pages: 2 (821 words) Published: April 24, 2013
Is Canada the best place to live in?
Throughout history, Canada has been a great place to live in. There were many events that took place, some good, some...not so good, but in the end, Canada strived, and has been a great home for many cultures. Canada is indeed the best place to live in, as is proved by its Human Development Index, Life Expectancy at Birth, Death Rate, and Overall Rank. Canada's ranks for all 3 statistics are all very good; they are within the top 3. Canada's Overall Rank (1-10) is 2, while the other countries' overall ranks aren't as close to 1.

Compared to other countries, Canada’s Human development Index is at a higher advantage. It was and is ranked first, which shows Canada, is a very highly developed country. In Canada, many people have good jobs which means people are financially successful; that money is used towards the education of the children so that their adult literacy rate can increase, have good careers, make money, and help Canada become more developed. Canada's life expectancy at birth is second to France and Switzerland, which shows Canada has a very good life expectancy, and since we live longer, we can help Canada become more developed. Between the years of 1996- 2006, Canada's gross national product, which reflects the total value of all goods and services produced, has been growing rapidly and has not stopped growing. It expanded 23% during half of the past decade, and another 14% during the other half. The value of all goods and services produced in Canada in 2006 was $1.45 trillion— or just over $44,000 for every man, woman and child in the country. Therefore, this helps prove that Canada is the best place to live in. Canada's Life expectancy at Birth is not the best compared to the other countries, but it is very high, and it did rank second. This shows Canadians are expected to live for a long time. In Canada, many people eat healthy food such as: fruits & vegetables, dairy products, grain...
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