Iroquois Culture

Topics: Iroquois, New York, American Revolutionary War Pages: 3 (864 words) Published: April 22, 2013
The Iroquois Tribe
The culture of the Iroquois people had much to do with their environment, ways of living, and food. They had many things in common with other tribes, while also having some differences. These small differences are what made each and every tribe unique. The Iroquois lived in the eastern woodlands near the Great Lakes and in the Ohio River Valley. Because of the abundance of water, they were able to grow their crops well there. The Iroquois Confederacy consisted of 6 separate nations. For the most part, these six nations were the same. Although, there were a few minor differences. The 6 nations included the Oneida, Cayuga, Tuscarora,Mohawk, Seneca, and Onondaga. The Confederacy acted as an arbiter for the 6 nations. It was used in times when a nation couldn’t resolve a dispute by themselves. The nations were able to aid each other in times of war, making them a reckoning force to be dealt with. They were divided during the American Revolution, when two of the nations fought against the British and the others did not. The Iroquois had many sources of food. Three main crops were Corn, Beans, and, Squash. These plants help keep each other alive and growing well. The beans were able to grow up the corn, while also keeping the corn from falling. The squash helped keep predators away from the fields. The Iroquois had many reasons for growing these foods. They believed that these plants were a gift from the “Great Spirit” and were worshiped. They also had many benefits for the Iroquois diet. The corn had many carbohydrates, the squash was filled with vitamins, and beans provided protein. Without these sources of food, the Iroquois wouldn’t have been able to survive as well as they did. The architecture that the Iroquois had was made well and had many uses. Mainly, they built different kinds of longhouses. They were roughly 15 feet tall and 20 feet wide. There was no average length, some of them being as long as 150 feet. They slept and ate in these...
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