Iron Dome

Topics: Israel, Gaza Strip, Politics of Israel Pages: 3 (991 words) Published: January 8, 2013
Elmira Silchuk
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Mrs. McCune

Iron Dome
Since the beginning of civilization people have always needed to defend themselves from external forces trying to harm their well being. Today, that task has become excruciatingly difficult and demands an enormous amount of man power. The problem with a country needing a lot of man power is that people are a finite source, so what countries have done is developed ways of defending themselves with only a limited amount of people. One country is Israel, and what it uses to defend its territory is an intriguing defense system called the Iron Dome. The Iron Dome’s capabilities were seen during operation Pillar of Defense towards the end of 2012, and its effectiveness continues to amaze people from around the world. The Iron Dome defense system is a fascinating advancement in military history, and has saved the Israeli people from extensive damage to their homeland.

Israel is a tiny country in the Near East that is surrounded by a multitude of hostile nations. Ever since Israel became a nation in 1948, the country has been invaded a number of times and has fought over 50 wars. It wouldn’t take much to defend the country, for an Israeli traveling agency states, “Israel is a small country - a little over 20,000 square kilometers”. That territory has been one of the most disputed territories in the history of mankind, and there hasn’t been peace in that territory for thousands of years. In recent years, their greatest threat has been the terrorist organizations of Hamas which is located in the Gaza Strip, and Hezbollah which is centered in Lebanon. They have fired mortars and rockets into the land of Israel, and the Israeli government was finally fed up with it and introduced a new system of defense to be development, which would be known as the Iron Dome.

In 2007, Israel’s Defense Minister Amir Peretz introduced this new defense plan and it was going to be...
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