Irish Folk Campfire Songs

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Irish Folk Campfire Songs
William Theibert
Baker College

Irish Folk Campfire Songs
Experimentation and new perspectives characterize contemporary gospel. This is evident in the album by Rend Collective Experiment campfire. The album maintains an authentic feel of worship music by pushing the boundaries of worship music. The band, which has captured the hearts of countless gospel lovers, is in the genre of folk music. The 12-track album is a testament of the band’s brilliance in gospel music. In order to understand the influence of the album from a neutral perspective, it is crucial to explore both the positive and negative aspects of the album. The album campfire pushes the boundaries of gospel music with its bold and unique sound. In order to understand the music of Rend Collective Experiment, it is crucial to explore their motivation and origin as a worship band. Rend Collective Experiment was founded in 2004. It began as a group of young individuals who were discovering their Christianity. The origin of the band is in Northern Ireland in Bangor. The band consists of six members who tour. However, the full number of the band is 15 members when they are at home. The first album of the group was organic family hymnal in 2010. This was preceded in 2012 by homemade worship by handmade people. The success of the band in the first albums resulted in their premier live album titled campfire. The band, which comprises of individuals with a common interest explore the association of life, the community and God. The beliefs driving the band are that they strive to succeed in order to help unfortunate individuals (Hoganson Media, 2013). This is evident in their music, which is solemn and pure touching the hearts of worshipers globally. The music in the album is a compilation of 12 songs from the bands two previous records. However, the difference is that the songs have a live feel. The style of the album is characterized by...
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