Irish and Chinese Experience in America

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Irish and Chinese experience in America
The end of the civil war and the beginning of the industrial revolution started an increase of immigration into the United States because of a need for low paid workers. Immigrants from around the world fled to America taking valuable jobs away from American citizens. Immigrants who came to the United States sought out every job known to man. Anything from sweeping floors to craftsman was available to the immigrants. From 1880-1920 the population of the United States ascended from 50,155,783 to 105,710,620.1 An increase of approximately 55 million people marked the start of the industrial revolution. The population of immigrants that came to the United States in the time period of 1880-1920 was about 15,000,000.2 Fifteen million immigrants just in the period of forty years came to the United States and all in need of a job. Two groups in particular, the Irish and the Chinese. Both The irish and the chinese have many similarities and differences in their experience in america. Some of these are shared yet others are sole experiences of one group. The origins of Chinese migration started after Senator Thomas hart Benton of Missouri proclaimed movement towards Asia as America's Manifest Destiny. Manifest destiny was the notion that the "white" race was destined to expand and rule the earth. Manifest destiny contributed as the primary reason for the largest acquisition of U.S. territory. As americans started to search for new lands in Asia, Asians Immigrants set there eyes on America. After the Annexation of california, Aaron H. Palmer proposed chinese laborers to be imported to build transcontinental railroad and also to cultivate the lands of california. Around 1849, Chinese migrants began arriving in America. The chinese migrated to the states for their own reasons which were getting away from the intense conflicts in china caused by british opium wars. Many migrants were also fleeing from the turmoil of peasant rebellions such as the Taiping Rebellion. Hard economical conditions were also a reason why chinese Migrants sleeked survival in America. Chinese immigrants migrated to america voluntarily as free labor. They wanted to earn money and go back to their native land. The Chinese were sojourners while the Irish were settlers. Most of the chinese migrants were married with wives in china and were mostly illiterate. While the Irish immigrated to America with Families, as settlers. While the chinese fled to America for a better future, the Irish migrated to America due to "starvation". Irish, came in massive numbers due to a struggling economy in result of the potato famine. in the mid 1800s the Irish people suffered a severe impact when the Potato famine struck. It left many Irish poor beyond poverty. With the drastic loss of their main source of economy the Irish people were left no other choice then to come to America. The Irish described their migration to america in terms such as "exiles" or "homeless". By Takaki's accounts the Irish felt as if they were driven away from their homeland by "English Tyranny". The english were seen as "savage tyrants" The Irish felt they had to go to America, and that it was a necessity for them. Another factor that contributed in the Irish migration was the idea of religious freedom. The Irish Immigrants were predominately catholic, this makes them the first major non-protestant group to enter the US, immediately causing Americans to perceive them as a threat. The chinese mostly came to america with the intent of going back to their families, WHile the Irish immigrated with their families with the intent of staying in America. The background of why both groups parallel in aspects of better future and hard economies, and resentment of british rule. Both the chinese and Irish were Transnational, living in both countries at the same time. Both groups sent letter homes, the chinese used family and villager networks to send letters home. Irish sent...
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