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Topics: Computer network, Personal computer, Network topology Pages: 9 (2228 words) Published: December 7, 2012
Information Processes and Technology
Aldain Austria
12IPT – Mrs Petrovich
Table of ContentsTable of Contents
Problem definition3
Requirements report3
Current network investigation5
Current Network Documentation5
Current Network Explanation6
Network Nodes6
Possible Solutions12
Solution 1 – WIRED12
Solution 2 – WIRELESS 14
Solution 3 – HYBRID 16
Cost Estimate20

Problem definitionThe situation is that the school 'All Saints Senior' has just had moved 2 demountable classrooms. I have been tasked to set up computing devices in these demountable classrooms. Each room will need to have provision for printers and many computers. We need two contemporary demountable rooms because there was a zombie attack in All Saints. The zombies destroyed the computer systems and the school is now looking to replace the old computer rooms with a better and upgraded system. Requirements report Items/ Equipment | Reasons why Necessary | Power Plugs | It will be needed for power connection to the desktop computers and monitors. Additional power plugs can be also used for laptop chargers or plug-ins for hardware. | Computers (Desktops)/ Laptops | Students are able to work on the school provided laptops and desktop computers. The computers will be used by the students to make typed documents or work on creating design etc. | Keyboards | The input device will be used for typing on the desktop computers. | Monitors | An output device that will be used to display information from the desktop computers. | Modem/ Router | The modem/ Router will be needed so that students and teachers can access the internet through wireless or wired devices. | Projectors | Projectors will be needed so that teachers are able to show examples on the whiteboard. Also if there are any visual presentations, they can use projectors. | Speakers (Audio Input/Outputs) | Speakers can be used to listen to audio examples from the computers. It can also accompany the projector if there are visual and audio presentations. | Whiteboard/ Smartboard w/ markers | A Whiteboard with markers will be needed so that teachers can write on them information that the students need. | Printer | Printers will be needed for the students and teachers who need to print copies and work. |

Current network investigationCurrent Network Documentation Types of Cables Used | Fibre Optic between buildings. CAT5, CAT5e and CAT6 is used internally. One of our projects next year will be to upgrade any existing CAT5 cabling. | Types of Network Nodes Used | Cisco Router, Cisco Switches, Cisco Wireless Controller for "dummy" WAP's, VOIP Controller, VOIP Switches | What servers the school uses | Domain Controller (DNS, DHCP, AD, GP, NPS, RADIUS, File) Secondary Domain Controller (DNS, DHCP, RADIUS, NPS, File) Administration Server (File, WSUS) Print Server (Print, McAfee ePO Server) Web Server (Web, File) Wiki Server (Open Directory, Web, Podcast, DNS) Mac Imaging Server (Netboot, Mac Print Server) | What network topologies the school implements (possibly broken down into different locations of the school) | Star Topology - all nodes are connected to a central domain controller | Specs of any routers/switches/hubs etc used. | Our main switches are Cisco Catalyst 3560-e POE and D-Link DGS-3224TGR. Our router is a Cisco ASR 1001 | Type/speed of internet connection | We have a 50Mbps internet connection through Telstra. |

Current Network ExplanationCablesThe All Saints school uses advanced technologies so that the students are better in their studies. All Saints uses Fibre Optic cabling in and between buildings because they are secure and can transmit data at high speeds without errors and. They use CAT6 internally to...
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