Ipo Market Timing

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IPO Market Timing
AydoganAltl University of Texas at Austin
I develop a model of information spillovers in initial public offerings (IPOs). The outcomes of pioneers' IPOs reflect participating investors' private information on common valuation factors. This makes the pricing of subsequentissues relativelyeasier and attracts more firms to the IPO market. I show that IPO market timing by the followers emerges as an equilibriumclustering pattern. High offer price realizations for pioneers' IPOs better reflect investors' private information and trigger a larger number of subsequent IPOs than low offer price realizationsdo. This asymmetryin the spillover effect is more pronounced early on in a hot market. The model provides an explanation for recent empirical findings that illustrate the high sensitivity of going public decision to IPO market conditions.

Clustering of initial public offerings (IPOs) is a well-documented phenomenon. Starting with Ibbotson and Jaffe (1975), several studies have shown that IPOs tend to cluster both in time and in industries.1 What causes these hot and cold market cycles is less clear, however. While the IPO clustering could potentially be due to clustering of real investment opportunities, empirical findings suggest that this link is weak. Most IPO firms do not have urgent funding needs [Pagano, Panetta, and Zingales (1998)]; instead, firms' equity-issue decisions seem to be driven mainly by market timing attempts [Baker and Wurgler (2002)]. Furthermore, hot versus cold market IPO firms do not appear to differ in their growth prospects or future operating performance [Helwege and Liang (2002)]. Recent empirical research has focused on information spillovers as the main driver of the hot market phenomenon. The idea is that information generated in valuing a set of pioneers makes the valuation of followers easier and hence triggers more IPOs. The evidence for the spillover effect is strong. Lowry and Schwert (2002) and Benveniste, Ljungqvist, Wilhelm, and Yu (2003) find that IPO volume is highly sensitive to the outcomes of recent and contemporaneous offerings. Specifically, if the A previousversion of this articlewas circulatedunder the title "Clustering Patternsin InitialPublic Offerings," which is also the second chapter of my dissertationat CarnegieMellon University.I would like to thank Rick...
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