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Topics: South Africa, Nelson Mandela, 1995 Rugby World Cup Pages: 3 (981 words) Published: April 28, 2013
Inspiration can assume many different shapes, sizes, and colors. Yet when a nation stands divided, can inspiration rise up above societal norms and unite humans as one? In the movie, “Invictus”, Morgan Freeman portrays Nelson Mandela in a thrilling political drama whereby he is faced with the daunting task of uniting a nation. Moreover, the setting of the movie takes place in South Africa where the lingering effects of oppression remain. While the apartheid may have officially ended in 1993, South Africa's rugby team the Springboks were losing popularity fast. The team's presence personified remnants of the apartheid to the indigenous people. As such, Nelson Mandela must lead his people forward by demonstrating great inspiration, altruism, and intelligence.

A single sport, could winning a rugby match unify the social imbalance? Nelson Mandela believed harmony could be achieved only if the Springboks won the world cup. With such social discord hanging in the balance, Mandela decided to bring inspiration to a team that needed to be uplifted. Mandela risking his political capital, lobbied against ending the Springboks team as a peace offering to their fellow South African neighbors. Such an inspiring act should be noted due to the potential negative publicity that could ensue. Mandela used inspiring words to dissuade a virulent crowd into making a potentially dooming decision. If the Springboks team had been removed, it would with certainty cripple the social boundaries that were already being threatened. Nelson Mandela stated, “If you want to make peace with your enemy, you have to work with your enemy. Then he becomes your partner”. Moving forward was the ultimate goal for Mandela yet there were many social issues holding South Africa back.

“If there are dreams about a beautiful South Africa, there are also roads that lead to their goal. Two of these roads could lead to goodness and forgiveness”. When Mandela uttered these words, he was...
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