Investigatory Project

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Chapter I
The Problem and Its Background
A. Introduction
Poultry-raising is one of the businesses that can be found here in the Philippines. It’s very simple and helpful, as chickens provide foods like chicken meat and eggs. It could also help in the agriculture area. Some people use growth enhancer so that the chickens may grow fast. But now, we’re going to have a study to find a natural and better substitute, like Aloe Vera (Aloe barbadensis) as a chick growth enhancer. B. Background of the Study

There is an increase of demand of chicken today. Most of the restaurants in our country are using chicken for their specialty. As we all know chicken is one of the most common foods that we eat, and that is our reason of pursuing this project. We would like to help the poultry-raisers to raise chickens in a small period of time. If we succeeded with this project we can also help our economy to grow and make it more influential. This project is also against on non-organic raisers because we are not sure about the side effects of that chemical once we intake the chicken. We want to prove that even we are a student we can help in our own little way. The fact that Aloe Vera is highly available and cheaper, this will help people, especially in business industries. They can even do it on their own.

C. Statement of the Problem
The researchers would like to seek the answer to the problem “Can Aloe Vera extract be as an alternative for growth and weight enhancer on chicks?” If so, what is/are the side effects of Aloe Vera (Aloe barbadensis) extract in: * Growth

* Skin Color
* Other characteristics

D. Formulation of a Hypothesis

a. Affirmative Hypothesis
Aloe Vera extract is effective for using it as a chick growth and weight enhancer as it contains several vitamins and minerals that are essential components for good health and other benefits. b. Null Hypothesis

Aloe Vera extract is not effective for using it as a chick growth and weight enhancer as many people believe it might be poisonous and considers it only as a shampoo agent (like Palmolive). E. Significance of the Study

The significance of the researchers’ study is to help the persons who own a poultry farm for the speed of the productions of their chickens. Another reason for it is our concern for the health of the animals since nowadays growth enhancers such as antibiotics that are given to the animals contain some chemicals that might affect the health of the animals and especially to the consumer, us humans. F. Scope and Limitations

The study focuses on Aloe Vera (Aloe barbadensis) as an alternative for increasing the speed of the growth of the chickens and aid poultry-raisers on their current problem. The study aims to make the aloe extract effective as a growth enhancer and to inform the public that it is indeed effective. The study will be conducted only for a month or so. During the weeks, we will conduct the study by giving the chicks the aloe extract mixed with water. Then, after every week, we will check the result of the experiment. The observations will be done every week. G. Definition of Terms

Poultry - is a category of domesticated birds kept by humans for the purpose of collecting their eggs, or killing for their meat and/or feathers. Agriculture - is the production, processing, marketing, and use of foods, fibers and byproducts from plant crops and animals. Antibiotic - is a substance or compound that kills bacteria or inhibits their growth.

Chapter II
Review of Related Literature and Studies
A. Local Literature
Aloe Vera (Aloe barbadensis) comes from the family of lily; it is spiky, succulent, and perennial. It is native to the eastern and southern part of Africa but it has spread throughout many of the warmer regions of the world like the Philippines. For its medicinal value, the juice of its thick, spiny-edged, and fleshy leaves are well reputed for its natural healing effect. The aloe...
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