Investigatory Project

Topics: Incandescent light bulb, Plant morphology, Light Pages: 2 (384 words) Published: March 5, 2011
Source of Light| Week 1| Week 2| Week 3|
45 Watts Light bulb| Appearance of seedlings, green in color and normal-looking.| Appearance of more seedlings, those from the past week didn’t grow significantly.| Addition of more seedlings, those from the past weeks experienced no significant growth.| 25 Watts Light bulb| The planted seeds weren’t growing yet.| A little sprout started to emerge.| The plant grew a little.| 10 Watts Light bulb| A sprout has begun to appear.| More sprouts became visible.| The seedlings started to grow longer.| Sunlight| The seeds have shown minimal signs of growth.| Like any other plant under the sunlight, the oregano stems are exposed with small leaves.| The stems have extended and the leaves have multiplied in number.| Data and Results

Within the days of the first week, the 45-Watt Lightbulb set-up was able to produce green, healthy-looking seedlings. On the following week, more seedlings sprouted. Those that had already existed since the previous week grew more. On the third week, there was an addition of seedlings. The seedlings that have developed during the previous weeks showed no significant change in their heights. All seedlings remained green in color. With the 25 Watts light bulb, the plant grew a little. It didn’t grow faster than what is expected. The light was only sustained to the plant during the evening so it explains that the plant isn’t exposed too much to regular sunlight. The 10 Watts light bulb has provided light and heat to the seeds planted on the soil. Because of this, a week after a couple of days of providing light upon the planted seeds during night time, a sprout started to appear. On the second week, more sprouts became visible. As the third week came, the spouts grew longer and faster. The growth of the plant was similar to the growth of any other plants which are exposed to its basic needs which are water, air, space, soil and sunlight. Although, it seemed to have...
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