Inuit of the Artic

Topics: Inuit, Family, Religion Pages: 2 (457 words) Published: December 2, 2012
Inuit of the Arctic
Simone D. Irving
Ant. 101 Introduction to Cultural Anthropology
Carleen Sanchez
November 12, 2010

Inuit of the Arctic
The Inuit are a foraging community which relies on the environment for sustenance. They have very little personal possessions due to the marginal environment which requires them to constantly move throughout the Canadian Arctic and subarctic to find food for survival. The bands normal consists of fifty or less. Their kinships are based on communal fission, general reciprocity and general ceremonial participation. The Inuit depend on the hunting of animals is the winter months, roots and berries in the summer months are added to the regimen. During the winter the Inuit come together with neighbors for hunting purposes, which is referred to as communal fission (Nowark B. & Laird, P. (2010) during the summer months they normally can reduce the size of bands for hunting to due to the increase availability of foods. During times of food scarcity which happens occasional, the Inuit share foods with other households to avoid starvation which is referred to as generalized reciprocity, the exchanging of goods with no expectation for the immediate return of an item, things even out. (Nowark, B. & Laird (2010). All Inuit have the same belief systems they rely heavily on healing rituals and ceremonies as part of their social life. According to the film for additional learning, “Inuit Shaman life story 1922” The Shaman reflected on his life beginning with his birth, he was supposed to die at birth, until an elderly woman from the community cut the umbilical cord from around his neck and saved his life, he experienced many taboos and followed strict rituals for many years until finally he was led by animal spirits, as well as a spirited woman from the coast which guided his life. (Isumaproductions, 2006). Our Western Cultural have similar beliefs in family kinships like the Inuit, we refer to ancestors and families based...
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