Introductory Interview

Topics: Feeling, Emotion, Question Pages: 3 (1043 words) Published: January 1, 2013
Introductory Interview
My introductory interview took place on Saturday 8, November 2012 in the arts block of the National University of Ireland Maynooth. The night before my interview I decided to read over my notes and handouts to refresh what I have learnt to date. I was feeling tense about how my day would progress. I was aware that I would not be asked to complete something I hadn’t done already, but for some reason I couldn’t convince myself of that. I arranged to travel to the venue with my colleagues so that we could support each other in getting there. We finally arrive and I began to feel anxious. Our tutor outlined our agenda and we proceeded to begin our roll as counsellor, client, and observer. My first task as counsellor was to focus on being present with myself and with my client. We enter the room that we were going to be completing our exercise. My first impression was how big the room was. I wondered what impact it would have on my session. I also took a dislike to the chairs with a small table attached to the side of them. I did not feel totally at ease sitting on them. I was the first to play the role of counsellor. I begin my attending skills with an introduction. I outline to my client the length of time our session would last, I talked about confidentiality. I also reassured her that the time was hers to spend speaking, crying or in silence, there was no rules, and I was not expecting anything of her. I also reminded her that I was there to listen. I opened the session with a question “what was it that brought you here today.” My client brought to me a situation that was causing her concern. The theme was on the relationship she was having with her partner. I used para language and gentle eye contact to try and stay connected with my client for the duration of the session. She continued taking about her friend who lost her partner throughout the year and they didn’t have a will made. This caused anguish in her friends’ life and made my...
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