Introduction to Security Challenges in the Northern Region of Nigeria Ethnic

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  • Published : May 25, 2012
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Since the return to civil democratic rule in 1999, Nigeria has witnessed the relative deterioration of its internal security. This is worrisome because internal security crisis is inherent with tendencies that threaten national unity and the peace of the state. This research attempts a critical analysis of the causative of the relative insecurity in Nigeria in relation to the problem of policing in Jos which is located in the northern region of Nigeria. The work is aimed at taking an indebt look into the Nigeria police force, which of course is the major law enforcement agency in any country especially in a democratic setting. The evolution, roles and effectiveness of the Nigerian police force have been variously analysed by different scholars over time such as Iweage (1990), Tamuno et al., (1993) to mention but a few. And these works, unveil, to a large extent how the Nigerian police though with an obligation to ensure security of lives and properties as well as enforce the laws of the Nigerian state have over time either not performed as expected or have performed below expectation. An effect of which is the sorry state of security in Nigeria especially in the northern region with reference to the Jos crisis. A cursory look at various observations which reveals a lacuna is the mode of operation of the Nigerian police which of cause has served as a deterrent to an efficiently managed security system, would be considered. Alemika and Chukwuma (2000) documented cases of inconsistency as well as insufficient on the part of the Nigerian police force which of course suggested, that they have served as a major contributor to the insecurity experienced in northern Nigeria. An attempt would be made at considering this statement and to what extent it is true. We shall also be looking at the training process of the Nigerian police and to what extent this plays a role that is in correspondence or in other words that correlates with the role expected of them by the...
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