Introduction to Mega Cities

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Mega City Living
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Do you know that Tokyo is the largest mega cities in year 2011? Mega cities usually have a population size of more than 10 million which is equivalent to a population density of at least 2,000 persons per square kilometer. A mega city can also be two metropolitan area linked together. As of 2011, there are 21 megacities which includes Tokyo, New York City, Mexico City and many more. Mega City starts off from City at the beginning and this tremendously growth dates back to the industrial revolution period and how various developments gradually changes the landscape of human living. They are technology development and social development. We will also discuss how such changes improve our standard of living and social perspective of cities that we are seeing today. I will be using the “City” as the keyword instead of mega city as “mega” is defined by the matrix measurement of cities population. Before the 16th century, there are no cities. During this period, it is called the Middle Age. The places that people lived in comprises of houses, villages and towns. It was until the 17th century once considered as the eve of industrial age and many discoveries were made between 18th and 19th century. This technology and invention includes steam turbine, Clock, Electricity, Telegraph, Steel roller, Gas lighting, Medication, Paper, Magnet, Dynamo, Gyroscope, Train, Dynamite and many more. These inventions eventually shapes the social landscape of places that we live in. We can foresee that people are more aware of information and greater adoption of technology that increase the efficiency of work. With the amount of knowledge, people know the importance of sustainability. There a few critical factors that constitutes to the expansion of cities. Previously people gather food for personal consumption and they do not have the tools and skills to increase and store these necessities....
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