Introduction to Management

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  • Published : December 12, 2005
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The formation of organization implies that a leader should take the role to control the activities of the group; the work done by the leader is what we call management.

Organization and the definition of Management
Organization is formed by a group of people who work together. No matter the organization is a profit making ones or non-profit making ones, its formations are to achieve a common purpose or variety of goals, which are the desired future outcomes. The outcomes might be producing a series of product or serving a group of target customers or satisfying others¡¦ needs. In these organizations, managers mainly are responsible to supervising the work performance of the group members and deciding the use of resources to achieve the organization¡¦s goal. Management can be simply defined as ¡§getting things accomplished through other people¡¨. Management is then the term describe the work done by the manager, which are planning, organizing, leading and controlling the use of human and other resources, in order to help the organization to achieve a higher organization performance. Planning is to define to goals or targets of the organization and devising action plans to meet organization goals. Organizing is to determine what tasks should be done, arrange jobs to subordinates, controlling the budgeting and divided tasks to individuals or teams. Leading is to motivate staffs to work, maintaining the progress of activities and good relationship and to ensure to work done effective and efficient. Controlling is to measure work performance, assess whether goals have been met, compare the set targets, and make corrections when it is needed Organization performance is the performance effectiveness and the performance efficiency. The performance effectiveness is the measure of the task or goal accomplishment, it would be to what degree of a goal achieve. Managers who chose the right goals and achieve it can be say performance effectiveness. Besides, the...
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