Introduction to Bluejacking

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  • Published : April 23, 2013
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Introduction to Bluejacking
In this world of technology, there are several new techniques and mechanisms that have made things easier in our lives and have changed the way we carry out different activities. In just a matter of a couple of centuries, humans have developed from rubbing stones and making fire to automate everything. One such technology that has changed our lives in different ways and facilitated several tasks is bluejacking. You must have heard of the term bluetooth, wherein mobile phones and different devices have Bluetooth and they make use of the same for exchanging information. Bluejacking is nothing but the process of sending out special unsolicited messages via Bluetooth from one Bluetooth enabled device to another Bluetooth-enabled device. The technology can work in a certain range and the devices need to be close to each other, mostly in the range of 10 meters for making sure that the transfer happens. The technology was first developed in Malaysia and has now been adopted by all major brands and companies all over the world. Especially in a world where mobile phones have become an everyday communication model and is used for all applications and day-to-day purposes, bluejacking has received significant attention everywhere. The major use of bluejacking comes in the sharing and distribution of information. People can now easily share photos, music and even videos and files without making use of any wire, software etc. once both the devices accept the transfer of data, the same can be sent immediately. This has become one of the fastest and the most convenient ways of sharing and transferring data between two or more people. Usually devices are also given a specific name on the basis of which they can be identified and then the data is shared or transferred. Though the technology has made several things simpler and easier, there is one major problem that arises because of it and that is the issue of security. The ease of sharing...
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