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  • Published : March 13, 2013
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Product development, as well as market research, in food industry is important. Product development is the phase which the organization determines if it is technically feasible to produce the product and if it can be produced at costs low enough to make the final price reasonable (Ferrell, 2010). As a survival means in a market, new product development can be used as a competitive weapon in the marketplace (Annacchino, 2003).

Squash is a botanically known as Cucurbita maxima Duschesne ex Lamk, is commonly grow in the Philippines throughout the year. It is recognized as an important source of vitamins and minerals ( Food products that supplemented with squash are tasty, easy to prepare and nutritious as well. Just like, squash halaya, squash kutsinta, kalcosuman, squash gulaman, jeweled squash rounds, squash maja, squash macaroons and sweet rolls with squash flour. Cheese is primarily used for its organoleptic contributions, but it also contributes functionally and nutritionally to the overall food product. It provides a high level of tastiness, flavor and satiety (

The purpose of this research is to introduce and promote a healthy and nutritious product or snack that people will be more health conscious. Squash cheese roll is freshly baked bread with cheese filling. According to FNRI food pyramid, carbohydrate foods are the primary source of energy needs. As we all know bread is a primary snack here in the Philippines most of Filipino people preferred to have bread in breakfast and snacks.
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