Intrinsic Analysis of Chimamanda's Private Experince

Topics: Qur'an, Nigeria, Religion Pages: 3 (1188 words) Published: December 13, 2012
Private experience by Chimamanda Adichie,a Commonwealth laureate, is a story of two women of distinct religious, ethnic and social status. These two women seek refuge in an abandoned shop, from a riot which will later be packaged by BBC as "religious with the undertones of ethnic tension". This riot begins when an Igbo Christian drives over the Qur'an with his vehicle. Infuriated by this, witness Hausa Muslim men behead the driver. Using the spiked head as a symbol, the angry men call on their fellow brothers to join avenge the desecration. The sight of the spiked head causes shouts, which make people run dropping belongings and shoving any obstructions. Caught in the riot, Chika, an Igbo Christian flees and is redirected off a narrow road to the shop by a female Hausa Muslim.

In the shop, the women talk about the belongings they lost during the escape from the riot. To ease the tension the characters sit and have a conversation waiting for the riot to efface. Chika tells the Hausa female she studies medicine at the University of Lagos and is here on a vacation,to Kano, to visit her auntie who works at the secretariat. The woman tells Chika she is a trader and wants to know if Chika is a medical intern. On receiving a positive answer she asks Chika to give a diagnosis of her nipple which burns like pepper. The reason for the burning sensation is due to the lack of moisturizing. The woman tells Chika she has six children and has lost Halima, her oldest daughter in the riot. Finding a tap in the corner of the store, the trader prays energizing and giving hope to both herself and Chika.

Time passed and an uneasy Chika climbs out of the shop to go home.On her way she sees horrors which make her return to the deserted shop. Back at the shop the woman cleans a cut Chika sustains while trying to go home. After a long restless night, the Hausa woman steps out of the store and asks in Hausa, if it is safe to come out. The...
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