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As freshmen in Holy Angel University, we are given an opportunity to serve a community, the Virgen Delos Remedios Elementary School. National Service Training Program was a good way for us to help and to be a part of a project which would be a great help for the chosen community. This program also exposed us to the problems of our society. It made a big impact in our everyday lives, that we are now sensitive about the different situations of our surroundings.

Through NSTP, we became more responsible students who will take action with the issues ahead of us and as a group; we were able to know the importance of team work. Since the task assigned to our group was gardening, each one of us also felt and also experienced how to be a good steward of nature, that there are no hindrance to be one and that you aim to be one.

National Service Training Program really helped us to know the importance of our nature. But as we do our tasks, there were problems we encountered but these did not stop us from finishing what we started. We knew that for beginners like us, it is difficult to have a perfect outcome especially if it is gardening.

There would be possibilities that the plants would not grow well or they would wither if we, and the management of the school, would not take care of them. It was hard to replant because of these possibilities and it could also waste our time. There were problems wherein we have to sweep the leaves and wastes on the plant boxes every now and then, the source for water is not enough to accommodate us because other groups were also using it, there were also cases wherein we have to provide because the materials were insufficient. These situations tested our group’s patience and teamwork.

With all these experiences and trials, we can truly say the most worth-while thing is to try to put happiness into the lives of others by serving and helping them.
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