Into the Wild: an Analysis of Who Jack Londonwas to Chris Mccandless

Topics: Christopher McCandless, Jon Krakauer, Into the Wild Pages: 4 (1113 words) Published: November 2, 2010
“Jack London is King” this was carved in to a block of wood found at the bus where Chris McCandless’s body was found. Chris McCandless admired Jack London as a man and a writer. Chris went into the wild’s of Alaska to prove that he could live off the land, with no modern conveniences, and no human contact. Jack London wrote stories about men and animals experiences against the environment, and survival against hardships, which were written from his own life. His works included individualism and the study of the laws of nature. Chris wanted to explore his own individualism, who he was, and how he was to live the rest of his life.

Jack London was a great writer. People who read and study his work become

inspired. He is read around the world more than any other American author, living or

dead. He was one of the first American writer to make a career from just writing. He

started out writing short stories of 7,500 words and under. His first story was Typhoon

Off The Coast Of Japan. He got his material for his stories and books from his own

adventures. His philosophy was from his own experiences. He got his love of life

from his wanderings on the earth and the seas. His stories take you up North, to the

islands in the Pacific, to the valleys of California, and though the dangers of the high seas.

Some of his stories today would be classified as science fiction. Drama, humor, suspense,

and romance are all in his collection of works. He has over fifty novels, journalism,

stories, and essays.
Two of Jack London’s most famous novels were, The Call of the Wild and Wild

Fang, both of which Chris McCandless read. The Call of the Wild, which is one of his

most read book, and considered one of his best was published in 1903. White Fang was

published in 1906. It was first serialized in a magazine before it became a novel. They

both have animals as central characters. One returns to the wild and the other comes from...
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