Into the Wild

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  • Published : February 11, 2013
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Life in the Eyes of Chris McCandless
In this day and age it is very rare to hear of somebody giving all of their hard earned belongings away and setting out on extreme adventure with nothing but a back pack. As we all know everybody is different. We all have different obsessions, things we like, places we like to be, and people we like to hang out with. Chris McCandless was a young man that grew up around the mountains. He loved going on hikes with his father and experiencing new territory. One of the things that McCandless had on his bucket list was to travel to Alaska and be in absolute wilderness. He wanted to spend the summer up there without seeing any sort of civilization. Chris was a very interesting character he did not like anybody telling him how to do anything. He is one of those learn by success and failure type of people. Unfortunately Chris Mccandless’s stubborn attitude got him killed when it came to the extreme habitat of Alaska. Some might question the way he planned out his trip and the choices he made. Just like Callarman I believe that McCandless was “Bright and ignorant at the same time”. However when Callarman says that McCandless is just plain crazy, I could not disagree more. The statement that McCandless was “Bright” is very true. McCandless was a very smart kid. He had outstanding grades in college and excelled his father’s business to limits it may have never gotten to without his help. He also was very eager to learn. He memorized many books about the wilderness, trusting his memory on his life out in the wild. McCandless furthermore graduated a very nice private school at the top of his class. McCandless was also very ignorant in his decisions. He would always decline any type of money, food, or clothing from people when they offered it to him. It was a part of self-worth and confidence in himself that he could survive with no money and help from the outside world. After his college graduation he never talked to, visited, or forgave...
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