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Interview with the elder.
I have had an incredible opportunity; this great opportunity was meeting and forming a bond with Mrs. Evangeline Baviera.(Vangie for short)

While meeting with Mrs. Evangeline, I have learned a lot about her. I have learned that she is a phenomenal role model, a loving mother and a former wife.

I am pleased to share the story of the remarkable, unforgettable Evangeline Baviera.

On Nov. 25, 1932, the world was graced with the appearance of Evangeline Villa, born to Eva Aquino and Joe Villa. Born in Bauan, Batangas, there was not much to do. So, as a child, she spent her free time doing chores and helping her mother around the house. It was her duty to sell vegetables and attend to the chickens. Growing up, Evangeline’s family was very religious and she spent almost a part of every day in church.

As a teenager, Vangie attended and graduated from high school. While in high school, Vangie was so playful. She also loved to dance; some days she would dance all the way to school and back.

During the 1940s, vangie left Batangas and moved to Manila to keep her friend’s mother company. While living in Manila, Vangie met Ruben Baviera. On June 1, 1948, Evangeline Villa became Evangeline Baviera.

They was wed in Sariaya Church; they were so in love and simply did not want to wait any longer. Together, they had four children: Brenda, Marco, Eva and Dave.

After 52 years of marriage, Ruben Baviera, her faithful husband passed away from Diabetes. Vangie served in many capacities: president of the usher board for 15 years, a teacher to a Sunday school.

Presently, Evangeline Baviera is a faithful member of the senior citizen. On a day-to-day basis, she enjoys spending time at their house with her grandchildren and sometimes just watching TV. While she was at the early senior year or at the age 60, she gladly serves lunches to the other seniors, teaches a diabetes class and is in charge of a Sit and Be Fit class for co-elders...
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