Interpretation of Primary Market Research Information

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Interpretation of Primary Market research information
During my questionnaire I asked questions that would provide me with good information from the answers. I asked people face to face to increase the validity of responses I received. Validity would be increased as people are less likely to give you a false answer if you are asking them face to face. I asked a range of questions in my questionnaire like which geographical area do you live in and the income they receive. After a certain amount of understanding was obtained from the answered question I could then go on to ask question relating to the product. These questions were based on how they currently see the company. Also it was asking how often they purchase the certain type of product on a weekly basis. I knew then if they purchase a high number of a similar product then the response I would get from my questionnaire for my new product would be a good opinion. This would be because they know what flavours work well, and which don’t so a majority response to either a yes or no answer will indicate whether they feel my new product will be a successful one. In my questionnaire I asked 25 people, the people I asked were a wide range of people as Walkers has a wide target market. I targeted a big range of people as all sorts of people purchase Walkers crisps. The people I asked varied in gender and age. There were some that were aged fourteen and under and there was one who as sixty six years or over. There was a range of people in fulltime jobs and people who were not. Of the people that were in jobs there was a range of occupations that they were in, these included an electrician, a hairdresser and a pub landlord. Some of the people that I asked were not in a fulltime jobs, this was either due to unemployment through redundancy in an old job or there was one person who was a full time mother. I knew the results provided from a full time mother would be reliable as it is more than likely she would do the full time shop. Summary of questionnaire:

Key: Q = Question asked, R = Results/Responses, E = Explanation of question. Q. What Gender are you?
R. Male = 15
Female = 10

E - I asked this question so I could find out what gender of people responded to the questions I provided in my questionnaire. This would help identify my target market for my product. It would also show me which gender are keener on crisps.

Q. What age range do you fall in to?
R. 14 or under = 2
15 - 24 = 12
25 – 35 = 4
36 – 50 = 5
51 – 65 = 1
66 + = 1

E - I asked this question so I could see what ages responded to the questions I provided. The ages would help me see the current age of the market and see which ages I could possibly cater for more with my product. This would help identify areas which the business are doing well in attracting a certain type of customers.

Q. Are you currently employed in a full time job?
R. Yes = 7
No = 18

E - This question was asked so I could identify the type of people buying my product. Less products could be sold if people buying them were not in a full time job, this is because they may not have much money to spend on products as they don’t have a good income.

Q. If you are fully employed, what is your occupation?
R. Electrician, Hairdresser, Pub landlord, Teacher, Doctor, Postman, Binman.

E - I received seven responses from this question as there were seven people employed in fulltime jobs. These responses could show me what kind of working day they have. Some of the jobs they may eat crisps for there lunch, where as some jobs it is likely the people would not eat crisps for their lunch.

Q. If you are fully employed what is your yearly income? A. £11,999 or under 1
£12,000 - £17,999 £18,000 - £23,999 £24,000 – £29,999 £30,000 - £35,999 £36,000 - £41,999 £42,000 - £47,999...
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