Internship Report of Hesco

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Chapter – 1

1.1Purpose of the study.

➢ The main purpose is to fulfill the basic requirement of the course leading to MBA Degree under IBA – MBA Programme.

➢ To familiarize the reader with the process of corporatization of Power Sector in Pakistan.

➢ To understand the function of the organization.

➢ To know the working procedure of the organization.

➢ To help enhance the writing skills as well as to learn the techniques of conducting research on any major business concern.

➢ To practically see the application of Business Administration/ Management Techniques being applied in a big utility organization like HESCO.

➢ To know how the recruitment process is completed is finalized and recruitment is made in any organization like HESCO.

1.2 MethOD of Study.

The research was conducted by working I the HR department in HESCO being the head of the Recruitment Cell occupied the position as Deputy Manager (HRM), being the head of section working since last four years. The recruitment is completed in the each year.

During the course of study various techniques were adopted which including personal interview, collection Primary Data/Secondary data collection of secondary Data from various reports / statements which have been incorporated in this research report.

Since HESCO is a corporatized entity of WAPDA various policies, rules, instructions and procedures framed by WAPDA and published in various bulletins and reports have also been referred to.

1.3 Limitations:

• Secrecy of data made it difficult to gather the information.

• HESCO domain is spread throughout Sindh touching the boarders of Balochistan and Punjab which made it difficult to practically reach every strategic place.

• Lack of time and financial resources.

• Confidential section of Recruitment Cell of HESCO made the researcher so difficult to trace the old record of recruitment made in the past 10 years, to compare the existing strength of recruitment made by HESCO with the recruitment made during the last several years.

Chapter – 2


2.1History of WAPDA

The Water and Power Development Authority (WAPDA) was established through a parliamentary enactment in February 1958 for integrated and rapid development and maintenance of water and power resources of the Country. This includes controlling soil salinity and water logging to rehabilitate the affected land in order to strengthen the predominantly agricultural economy of the country. Its operation call foe a high degree of financial discipline so as to secure regularity in its transactions and also watch the timely assessment and realization of its revenues on account of sale of power.

2.2Main Function Of WAPDA

As per the charter, amended in March 1959 to transfer the existing electricity departments from the federating units to it, WAPDA has been assigned the duties of investigation, planning and execution of projects and schemes for • Generation, Transmission and distribution of power, • Irrigation, water supply and drainage,

• Prevention of water logging and reclamation of saline land, • Flood control and
• Inland navigation.

2.3The Authority, Manager and Human Resource

The Authority, composed of four members, is headed by a Chairman. The other three member are one from each headed as Member water, power and finance wings. The administration part also comes under Member (Finance). The Members oversee the affairs of their respective wings through General Managers for the streamlined operations in the respective disciplines. For all practical purposes, the entire country has been divided into zones. Over 46 years of operations, WAPDA's human resource has developed into a reservoir of knowledge, competence and expertise through training and experience gained at the...
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