Internship at Hoffmann - La Roche

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  • Published : May 8, 2013
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Job satisfaction assignment
Haochuan Bi

(The following content is merely designated to Organizational Behavior academic purposes; there are no intentions in depiction of any fictitious slander and malfeasance.)

In June, 2012, I was luckily selected as one of the interns at Hoffmann - La Roche, in the Research & Development Department at Nutley, New Jersey, in which I was assigned to the formulation group responsible for amelioration of the manufacturing processes for the pills, tablets and pellets.

Not long after I familiarized myself in the work environment, my supervisor introduced the tasks which I was going to complete during the following three months at Roche.

I was told to perform series of rheological measurements of generic polymeric excipients utilized during the formulation processes. Besides that, some simulations of hot melt extrusion at small scale were also implemented prior to the rheological measurements.

Here comes the point which I was disappointed: the rheometer I was about to use was such an obsolete one that only one PhD candidate whose professor collaborates with the organization knew how to do some basic operations with the machine; what is more, the machine was already 10 years old, so I doubted it would have measurement errors during the actual experiments, which would result in series of undesirable consequences in the subsequent processes.

I am a person with active and constructive disposition, so I went to my supervisor for help. He told me that there was only one rheometer available in our group and I had to manage to get used to the situation.

When I operated the rheometer, the plight came into reality: for every single substance I tested, I cannot get similar results but only the results with data randomly dispersed, which was tragic to researchers. So I resorted to my supervisor for several time for troubleshooting suggestions but ended up with futility. (Actually he did endeavor for corrections but I guess...
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