Internet Dangers

Topics: MySpace, Identity theft, Internet Pages: 2 (460 words) Published: March 3, 2013
In this time and era, internet is the most important device in our lives. It provides us with helpful information, keeps us up to date with the latest news, and answers every question we could possibly think of. This usually gives us an unrealistic perception that everything on the internet is true, even though anyone from any country or city or state can say whatever they please, and still make that information sound as if it is straight from a professor. People can do anything imaginable on the internet, which gives the wrong people the power to manipulate innocent victims. Now, this kind of power and anonymity has huge potential in destroying your reputation, giving you viruses, and attaining identity theft.

Every day, thousands of people shop online, either to ease the complexity of spending hours at the mall, or to obtain necessary things that aren’t yet in stores. This however, is a huge problem in identity theft. By inputting your personal information in a website that looks real, but may or may not be, you are giving the owner of that website permission to access your hard earned money. Unbeknownst to most, all an identity theft needs is your credit card number and name to hack into everything you’ve ever worked for, and take it in a matter of minutes. These websites also have the ability to contain viruses, which, in order to free yourself from, you must erase everything that has been saved to your hard drive. These viruses can track your every keystroke, record you passwords to everything, and obtain your friends information to trap them into receiving the same virus. These potential risks are impossible to prevent, but are easy to take precautions to.

Facebook, Twitter, MySpace; basically any chat room available online contains users that can, and will, destroy another person’s reputation. Cyber bullying is a tragedy takes place every single day. All it takes is for one popular or well respected person to talk down to someone that is seen as...
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