Internet and New Technology

Topics: Internet, Personal life, Change Pages: 1 (394 words) Published: May 15, 2013
Technology has changed our world in many different ways from positive to negative. It also changed the way we look at our lives. The world has changed a lot in years. The life that people live right now is tremendously different than the life that people lived years back. Technology is responsible for the change. Technology not only changed the world but also changed our thoughts about how things work. Technology is one thing that has been evolving each and every day, making life more simple, easy, and less complicated. Without technology, things wouldn’t go as we expect. Technology has changed the way we track money, do business and much more. It is becoming a huge aspect of social life and is improving day by day. We are seeing more of the workforce not having to commute, but work from home, which can change the way we design living communities. It is bringing education to those that don’t have schools more every day. We tend to depend on technology a bit too much and are becoming too comfortable with it. Technology has caused people to become so reliant that, a poll by CNET,28 percent of people said they wouldn’t be able to live without high-speed internet. The younger generation has lost its curious experiences to explore the world. Today, children are behind a TV screen or video game. Many people may not even know how to use a traditional can opener, search through the Yellow pages, or look up information in libraries and encyclopedias. Though technology has allowed us to improve traditional tasks, it has also interfered with our realization of the dependency we have. The most important advance associated with new technology is the internet. It’s much easier for job seekers, locate old friends, and stay in touch with family. The internet also provides for us to seek out those with similar interests and ideas, while living in an adverse environment. New technology also makes cars safer, creates more opportunities for safety and security, as well as providing...
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