Internationalization Company

Topics: Theory, International trade, Scientific method Pages: 1 (293 words) Published: January 18, 2012
First Coursework:
Analyse a real life company of your choice (This company can be from any industry, and be at any stage of internationalization) for a new destination for internationalization. The company choice is yours. Any country, any industry, any size. You are expected to explain through combining three different theories of internationalization: economic, learning and network. The answer should argue the motivation, benefits, process and form of internationalization. If you are proposing an early stage of internationalization then please explain how this decision can be developed for further levels of internationalization. This means you will explain the internationalization of the firm by analyzing through three different theories of internationalization. This should result in selecting a form of internationalization i.e. exporting or FDI, a country to internationalize. This form of internationalization can be further developed through licensing, franchising or form of FDI. In this coursework, you are expected to implement what you have learned in class to a real life company rather than explain the theory. You need to relate to the theory to a level where your arguments are supported by these theories. Please do not explain the theories but explain how they are related to your coursework. Please remember that at the end of the coursework you need to give a recommendation. This recommendation should have the new country that they should internationalise to and the mode of internationalisation. The mode of internationalisation has a wide range starting from exporting to wholly owned internationalisation. Please do not forget the recommendation section.

The motivation – is why the company is internationalising (please add this to your introduction) The process- is how they internationalise, this is the use of theories. The theories used and how well they are used will explain the process. The form-the mode of internationalisation; Please define...
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