International Trade Policy

Topics: Japan, International trade, Economy of Japan Pages: 33 (11370 words) Published: December 6, 2012
Report on
PolicyOf Japan

Submitted To
Miss. Mahbuba Lima
Department Of Finance Faculty of Business Studies University Of Dhaka

Submitted By
Group: Ecstasy Section-A
BBA 13th Batch
Department Of Finance
Faculty of Business Studies
University Of Dhaka

Date of Submission
28th April, 2009

We Are…..

1. Md.Raju Ahmed13-063
2.Md. Murad Hussain13-107
3.Sanjib Debnath 13-105
4.Muhammod Afroz Bashar 13-019
5.Sheikh Asif Reza 13-251
6.Sampad Paul13-061


We have made a report on International trade policy of Japan. The term paper focuses details of the international trade policy. Nevertheless it shows how a country operate their export and import transaction. For collecting these information we have gone to the various books, journals,newspapers, web site of Govt. of Japan on the basis of your information. So we would like to thank you for helping us in doing such a critical task. We would like to give thanks from whom we have taken a lot of information. Without the help of you it would be very tough for us to arrange such kind of report.

April 28, 2009.
Miss. Mahbuba Lima
Dept. of Finance
University of Dhaka.

Subject: Submission of report on “International trade policy of Japan”.


We have the honor to draw your attention that we are submitting the report entitled “International trade policy of Japan”.

It has been a most valuable experience for us to prepare this report which is closely related to our studies. We have got opportunity to increase our knowledge and experience about the clear conception of International Trade policy.

Finally, we are grateful for kind guidance and support received from you.

Yours sincerely
Group- “ECSTASY”
BBA 13th batch
Section: A
Department of Finance
University of Dhaka

Executive Summary

As part of our BBA program we had to go through various types of term paper. Our assigned topic “International trade policy” of a country. We are happy to complete this report. The report has been made based on the information provided by the website of Japan Government. Relevant information provided by the website of Ministry of Trade and Industry. It shows a brief description about the International trade of Japan. On the whole you’re help, information providedby reference books journals, magazine, website and our efforts turned into a healthy term paper about the “International trade policy of Japan”.

Table of Content
Content| Page|
Origin| 07|
Methodology| 07|
Limitation| 07|
Over view of Japan’s Economy| 08|
Japan’s Economy In Brief| 09-10|
Internal Economic Factors| 11-24|
Trade policy of Japan| 25-28|
History| 29-34|
An assessment of the current state of Japan's financial system| 35-37| JAPAN’S TRADE POLICY WITH U.S.A:ASSESSING THE RECORD| 38-39| Conclusion| 40|
Bibliography| 41|

Miss. Mahbuba Lima, Lecturer, Finance Department, Faculty of Business Studies, University of Dhaka has assigned a report to the students of Finance department as a course requirement of International trade. This report is prepared to comply with that instruction.

In the report, much information has been collected from the secondary sources such as from various books, different published articles, journals, brochures, web sites etc. All the data collected for reporting purpose are systematically.

We are very much new in International Trade. As a result we can’t use the proper way of International Trade in this report. In such cases, we have relied upon certain assumptions, which are only amateur estimates. As many of the analysis on the obtained data are based on our sole interpretation, there may be some biases, as lack of knowledge and depth of understanding might have hindered our ability to produce an...
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