International Business Report

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International Business


Dr. Samer Dhyyat

“Crime that Pays (and Pretty Well Too)”

International business Environment & operations/Chapter three

Case Study 1


Aya Khirfan 0086721

Aya Al- Kurdi 0083316

Rudayna Qasem 0086609

Aya Hakh 0082464


It has always been a major concern of programmers and software developers throughout the world, to protect the intellectual property rights and software privacy.

Governments in different countries fight computer software piracy; in which it provides support to national programs in order to educate and provide awareness to business communities.

Governments especially in wealthy countries, has taken serious actions related to software piracy through laws that prohibits it, they force penalties to those who commit software piracy.

Software piracy has reached a further approach, since it includes piracy of movies, music, computer software, and CD recording.

Governments, institutions, companies, and organizations all stated a clear point of view about software piracy and protection of intellectual property which in fact stands up fiercely to minimize it and reduce its effect on the society, as well as protecting the creative ideas and innovative expertise that provides a competitive advantage to the society in general.

On the other hand, communities with individualistic, collectivistic, democratic approaches, and other parties with other approaches; each stated its point of view clearly according to its own interests, concerns, and objectives; since, some of these parties fight software piracy and supports protecting intellectual property, and mainly those parties are the ones concerned with about the benefit of the society. On the other hand, there are some parties stated that they oppose protecting intellectual property, for the reason that their objectives and interests are their major concern instead of the whole society.


Collectivism and individualism, democracy and totalitarianism, rule of law and rule of man: what do these concepts say about the intellectual property rights of software and the legitimacy of its protection?

To begin with, the terms collectivism and individualism arises from the major term which is political system. A political system; is a set of political organizations, interest groups, and institutions, that integrates different groups into a functioning, self sustaining, and self governing society. The purpose of the political system is to protect people’s interests and objectives. Political systems differ from one country to another.

The term political can be discussed in terms of collectivism and individualism.

At first, the term collectivism encourages dependence on the organization and a preference for thorough training, satisfactory work place conditions, and good benefits. Collectivism is motivated by satisfying social needs and security. Its primal concern is to benefit the society in general, rather than the benefit of each individual. Since its concern is protecting the society, it stands fiercely for supporting intellectual property right and fights software piracy to protect the society.

On the other hand, individualism; refers to the primacy of the rights and role of individual; it emphasizes individual freedom, self expression, and personal independence – the principle that all men have “certain unalienable rights that among these are life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness.” Countries that follow individualistic political system develop a form of government that protects every individual’s property and any intellectual property they create especially automated property due to the ease of piracy. As cultural attitudes influence the protection of intellectual property rights, individualist societies are more...
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