International Business Management Research Paper

Topics: Foreign exchange market, Bretton Woods system, Currency Pages: 62 (14567 words) Published: November 24, 2011

Postgraduate Diploma in Management


The Impact of Fixed Exchange Rates in a Global Economy
A Research Project Report on the Relevance of Fixed Exchange Rate Systems A case of World Vision Kenya

Student’s Name:Hesbone Nzambuli Kang’e

Registration Number: CAM/2006/PGD/KEN/00143

Purpose:Fulfilment of the Requirements of the Postgraduate Diploma in Management

Presented to:Cambridge Association of Manger, International Examinations, UK

August 2007

I declare that this project is my original work and has not been exhibited or published in any way and has never been presented for any awards in any institution.

Name:Hesbone Nzambuli Kang’e Signature: ____________________Date____________

This project has been submitted for examination with my approval as the supervisor.

Name:Catherine Mwangi Signature: Date:

This project has fulfilled the Quality Assurance Policy requirements

Name: Signature: Date:
Head of Quality Assurance

This project has been submitted for examinations with my approval as the moderator.

Name: Signature: Date:
Project Assessments Coordinator

This project has been submitted for examinations with my approval.

Name:Dr. Humphrey Oborah Signature: Date:
Head of Missions and Curriculum Manager,
Digital Advisory and Learning Centre


The successful completion of this project would have been impossible were it not for the guidance, assistance, encouragement and cooperation of many people to whom I owe a tremendous debt of gratitude.

Recognition goes to my employer, World Vision Kenya (WVK) for paying part of the tuition costs. My supervisor at work, Girma Begashaw, is appreciated for allowing me to undertake this research in the organisation. The tuition and guidance provided by the module tutor Prof. Dr. Chritos Pitelis of the University of Cambridge, the research supervisor Ms Catherine Mwangi and the administrative support provided by the DALC Nairobi West Campus staff are also appreciated.

Without the participation of the questionnaire and Interview responded, this research would not have succeeded. I owe special thanks to them and to my dear wife Elizabeth and sons Daniel and David who supported me by allowing me to research at night and over weekends.

Thank you all for your unqualified sacrifice without which this project would not have been a reality.


This research was carried out in World Vision Kenya (WVK), a member of a global organisation, WVI. WVK has clearly defined Vision, Mission, Core Values, Objectives and Strategy. The objectives of this research were; to research the WVK’s business environment, explore the advantages and disadvantages of Fixed Exchange Rate System (FERSs) propose a preferable FERS for WVK, assess impact of FERS on WVK and determine relevance of FERS to WVK.

Only primary and secondary qualitative data were collected from responses to a questionnaire and face-to-face interviews. The 16 staff in the Finance and Administration Group formed the sample size. Purposive sampling method was used to identify the Group as the research sample. The PESTLE and the SWOT analysis tools were used to assess WVK’s business environment. All data was recorded, later sorted out and analysed.

This research found that WVK’s funding comes from diverse sources which necessitate adoption of International Business Management (IBM) practices. The research also found that there are advantages and disadvantages of FERSs, and that it’s difficult to prescribe an ideal ERS for WVK because of the challenges faced in predicting the Kenya Shilling to United States of America Dollar (Kshs:US$) changes twelve months in advance. ERSs affect decisions on several aspects of WVK e.g. level of operation and type of services offered, which makes...
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