International Business Assignment

Topics: Coffee, Malaysia, Australia Pages: 11 (3645 words) Published: November 5, 2011
1.0 Introduction3
1.1 Company Profile3
2.0 Statement of Originality and Declaration Form4
3.0 Objectives5
3.1 To expend our business into international market.5
3.2 To promote our home country (Malaysia) culture to foreign country5
3.3 To increase sales and earn more profit from foreign country5
4.0 Situation analysis6
4.1 Market Place6
4.2 Legal and Political7
4.2.1 Legal and Political of Malaysia7 Political system7
Legal system8
4.2.2 Legal and Political of Australia8 Political System8 Legal System9
5.0 Strategies Framework11
5.1 Vision11
5.2 Mission11
5.4 Goals12
6.0 Conclusion13
7.0 References/Bibliographies14
8.0 Appendices15

1.0 Introduction
1.1 Company Profile
Our company is operating a business in our home country, Malaysia which is selling White Coffee in a Coffee shop. Our company name is New Town White Coffee as we are selling our famous coffee that is White Coffee that loved by most of the consumers in Malaysia. Besides, selling several type of caffeine beverages, we also selling some foods such as French toast, noodles and furthermore. We have also operated 6 branches in Malaysia which is in Johor, Melaka, 2 branches in Penang and 2 branches in Kuala Lumpur. After operating for a few years, we have collected some sufficient capital from business profits as our restaurant is being popular and developed in Malaysia. Therefore, we gained a chance to develop our business to foreign country by giving franchise license to the franchisee in the related country. In year 2010, our business obtained a HALAL certification from the Islamic Religious Department of Penang for the Group’s beverage. This is part of our Group’s intentions, which is to produce our beverages in accordance with the Islamic law.

In order to get success in foreign country, we have done some research to collect information of the country such as Australia. We found that Australia is our best choice of foreign country that can be expanded. Therefore we choose Australia as our host country as they have the purchasing power and moderate standards of living. In the other hands, the consumers of Australia can have a chance to try different taste of coffee such as our NewTown white coffee. Therefore, we feel that Australian may accept and adopt our food culture when there is a different style of coffee shop operates at there.

2.0 Statement of Originality and Declaration Form

KL Main Campus
Plagiarism Statement
The School of Business Studies views cases of plagiarism or collusion by students very seriously. Any student who intentionally plagiarises or collude in any part of their assignments/projects or written work, threatens the values of academic work and undermines the credibility and integrity of the College’s awards. Plagiarism or collusion discovered at any stage of the student’s course of study will be dealt with appropriately by the School. Such offenders shall appear before a panel of enquiry at the School and appropriate punishment will be meted out. Punishment may include failing the student for the assignment or project, re-submission of another piece of work or downgrading of the work to the maximum of a pass grade even if actual grade achieved was higher. What constitutes “Plagiarism” and “Collusion”?

Plagiarism according to the Oxford Advanced Learner’s Dictionary of Current English means “take and use somebody else’s ideas, words, etc as if they were one’s own”.
Plagiarism can take the form of reproduction without acknowledgement from published or unpublished works of others including materials downloaded from computer files and the Internet.
Students’ work submitted for assessment is accepted on the understanding that it is the students’ own effort without falsification of any kind. Acknowledgement to the source must be made if students had relied on any sources for...
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