Interior Design vs Architecture

Topics: Interior design, Interior architecture Pages: 18 (7318 words) Published: February 12, 2013
A Comparative Study Between The Practices Of Interior Design And Architecture And A Discourse On The Professionalization Of Interior Design

Interior Design and Architecture
Interior Design is considered a generally young profession. Throughout history, the differences between architects, builders, designers and other professionals involved in building a structure has been decidedly blurred and drawing the line between all the disciplines involved has been a rather recent occurrence. The practice itself, has of course, always been around. From the moment early man decided to live in caves on mountainsides and figured out where the best place to build a hearth was and where to position the sleeping area, they, in theory, were implementing concepts of design in making their abodes more habitable. Interior Design simply defined, is the practice of enhancing the function and quality of interior spaces to improve the quality of life, increase productivity protect the health and welfare of the public. This is done through education and experience. The interior designer as a professional is required to be schooled not only in the fundamentals and history of design (which includes history, ergonometrics and color theory) , the key principles of the business, such as ethics and accounting but also in the technical areas of space planning, construction and materials. It is because of the fact that the interior designer needs to know the technical sides of these things that there is often a confusion (especially with clients) as to role of the interior designer and the role of the architect when it comes to designing a space. While it can be argued that many architects can do what interior designers do, the main focus of architecture is on the building or space as a whole. This requires that the focus be expanded to outside construction such as roofing, exterior walls, water-proofing as well as the electrical, plumbing, structural mechanics of the site. From a broader point of view, architecture is also practiced on the macro level- meaning urban planning and landscape architecture which in the Philippines, is becoming more and more obvious in the new developments sprouting up. Considering the definitions of the fields, differentiating the two practices can prove to be challenging since many areas overlap . It seems the best way to draw the line between the two is if we look at what the main area of concern is. The architect must be concerned with how the structure or space is functional, structurally sound and aesthetic from the outside, as a whole, in a given landscape, whether it be urban, commercial or institutional. Aside from the aesthetics of the structure, the architect must also take into consideration the outside elements and geography of the land on which the structure is being built. The interior designer, already established as being an ally of the architect, takes into consideration what the space is going to be used as, the personal aesthetics of the client, and the possibilities and limitations of transforming the shell (the structure or room as a whole) into a space that lets its function thrive within the exterior. Taking it a bit further, while the job of an architect ends once the structure is completed, this is not necessarily true for the interior designer. In an urban setting, certain changes in situations call for a re-assignment of space without major structural changes. Additions to the family may call for the home office to be transformed into a nursery or oppositely, children leaving the home lets the parent change a bedroom into a art studio. Such changes in situation may not need any major tearing down of walls and rewiring, but changing the design and function of the room to suit the current need still needs some technical know-how. This is where an interior designer can step in to provide a new plan that lets the nursery be a calm, peaceful and safe room or the art studio be the place...
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