Intercultural Dialogue

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  • Published : September 24, 2012
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Part I
1- Intercultural Dialogue as a concept tool to promote peace

In a world that is becoming increasingly interdependent , in a world that encompasses great cultural, ethnic, racial, national, and religious diversity, it is of great importance that we find ways to come together as a human family while still honoring, recognizing and respecting our many diversities. The field of intercultural dialogue provides important tools to help people deal with all these diversities in more positive ways that increase understanding between people and can improve and enrich people’s lives. In the wake of September 11th 2001, Iraq invasion in 2003 , the London attacks in 2005,the nuclear age, and now the bioterrorism age, it is also of great importance that we find ways and means to resolve our conflicts short of violence. Conflict issues must still be resolved , but understanding other people’s cultures, negotiating styles, and religions will prevent unnecessary misinterpretations of other people’s behavior, which can aggravate conflicts that already exist. Today ,peace ,opportunity tolerance and understanding are more than goals .They are also resources , essential elements of our increasingly global system. The aforementioned elements are not a luxury , not the final icing on the cake, they are the very bread of life , the fuel that is needed, right now, for a better, safe free and thriving world.Many approaches and tools for dealing with diversity from the fields of intercultural communication are needed as these pertain to creating more peaceful futures. Before analyzing the implications of intercultural dialogue as a tool of institutional dialogue between Morocco and the United States, I propose to examine in this chapter the concept of intercultural dialogue and its importance in bringing people together .This will be done by first defining the term Intercultural Dialogue and then identifying key dates that are associated to key definitions and important international institutions and organizations that have worked this field.

Definition : What is Intercultural dialogue ?
Dialogue is considered as a rational conversation between two or more persons . The word is derived from the Greek dialogos, which in turn comes from dialegethai ( to converse).Dialegethai comes from dia ( through, across) and egein ( to speak) .Today the meaning of this concept is perceived, according to J.Tarnowski, as a method, process and social attitude. The method describes patterns of inter-human communication conducted for the sake of mutual understanding ,rapprochement and finally –cooperation. In contrastwith the art of negotiation and debate ,a dialogue may request from its participants to see each other not as an abstract being ,but as a particular individual and the process as one of accepting the other.

It is clear that intercultural dialogue does not exclusively deal with social and political issues.It also considers the importance of dialogue in the relationship between religion and science due to the diverse religious conflicts around the world caused by a lack of knowledge of the other`s culture.In other words, a lack of overview.It is also relevant to consider the concept of culture in order to understand one of the two elements of the so-called byword ,``intercultural``. By definition , culture is always embodied in a specific community-in the way its members feel, think and act; that is ,in the way they understand themselves and the world, realize their happiness, express their moral ,aesthetic, religious and political values , and establish particular relations as individuals and groups in every sphere of practical living. At the same gathering and in the context of the tense relations between globalization and solidarity ,intercultural dialogue was also perceived as a path to conviviality and multiculturalism in which cultures influence each other...
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