Interconnectivity of Religion and Life

Topics: Taoism, Buddhism, China Pages: 3 (993 words) Published: May 17, 2013
The Interconnectivity of Religion and Life

Religion since time immemorial has been the essence of man’s existence. It has been a guide for people in knowing the meaning of their lives. To some cultures, religion plays a vital role in their everyday living and decision making. To some, religion is the only way to discover the secrets of this world and the world beyond.

One of the world’s oldest cultures is found in China. The Chinese culture has greatly impacted the cultures of its neighboring countries. Presently China has the largest population with over one billion people. The Chinese people did not stay in China alone. Some of them migrated to other parts of the world and brought with them their customs and practices.

Today, The People’s Republic of China is officially an Atheist state. However, long before the Cultural Revolution in 1966 wherein the government destroyed and abolished religions in the country, several philosophies flourished and gained recognition throughout China. Notable among these are Confucianism, Taoism and Buddhism.

Confucianism is a school of thought that deals mostly about ethical, social and political teachings. It was started by Confucius in the 5th Century BCE during the Han Dynasty. The main thrust of Confucianism is their belief in humanity. To the followers of Confucianism, people can be taught, improved and their lives perfected through their own and other people’s help. It is greatly believed that people have the capacity within themselves to make their current state of being better.

The Taoism philosophy emerged almost at the same time as Confucianism. Its beginning was highly attributed to Lao Tzu and his written work Tao Te Ching. Taoists considers Lao Tzu as their Supreme Deity. Taoist teachings revolve around health, longevity, immortality, non-action, spontaneity, nature and ancestral spirits.

Buddhism, another religion widely practiced in China originated in India and reached China in the 1st...
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