Interaction Design Research How Can the Visuals of a Website Impact the User’s Interactivity?”

Topics: Research, Website, Web design Pages: 8 (2600 words) Published: March 13, 2013
Abstract (or Summary)
In this coursework my task was two carry out a research study based on a specific question related to a given topic which in my case was looking at the visuals of a website and how this affected the users interactivity. I decided the best research methods of gathering data were to use a questionnaire and an experiment as these methods were used by many organisations so I thought they would be the best way of gathering sufficient data that can be analysed to support my hypothesis which is the better the visuals of a website the more user friendly the website is which in turn makes it easier for a user to navigate. The results were as I expected because looking at the questionnaire and experiment many people found that the websites that were not visually great were hard to interact with and that frustrated the user. Although I did not have any problems due to weather or other interferences I was able to carry out my research within the time frame given but I believe a better designed questionnaire would have helped a fair bit for my research question. All in all I believe I have completed the task and have gathered sufficient data within the time frame given and I think I could have done even better by having more participants if I had more time.

This assignment involved me carrying out my own piece of research on a given topic. My research was based on websites as to “How can the visuals of a website impact the user’s interactivity?” in terms of looking at the site in terms of visual elements such as colour, images, video, and animation and so on. In order to gather my primary research data I had to design an activity and so I chose a few good and bad sites in terms of its visuals for my audience to take part and then fill out a questionnaire after they review each site. I also designed an experiment which included five people to take part in a small activity on the websites and see how long it takes them to carry out a certain activity. This enabled me to gather sufficient research data that can be analysed in the short time we are given. I believe that the topic I chose was one that was interesting to research as with many of us our standards of websites have gone very high, we expect to see a good presentable website which is accessible to everyone but when we see a site that’s not so good in terms of the visual design leading to unattractive site where users are put off thus the reason for researching this aspect of websites in order for me to find out whether this affects the users interactivity.

As my research was based on a study regarding the visuals of online websites I had to come with suitable method to gather my data. I decided to go with questionnaire and an experiment as I believe they are the best methods of research for my given research. I can refer to the likes of Robert Benedict who carried out research on “ANALYSIS OF THE SCOTPHO WEBSITE EVALUATION QUESTIONNNAIRE” where he carried out a thorough research on the website design and got very accurate results thus the reason to go with questionnaire. The experiment was another important method of research as it gave me a more controlled approach in carrying out my research and I believe I could gather sufficient and accurate data through this method as it had many advantages over other methods such as results can be replicated in order to get more valid results.

To sum up my methods, I believe they were best and most efficient way of collecting data as they are popular method of research as referenced below in terms of collecting sufficient data as you have a number questions regarding the website such as “are visuals important to you in a website” if so why”. You can have open and closed questions as well as multiple choice questions which makes it easier for the person taking part as well as making it easier to analyze. I opted to go with questions with multiple choices in a format of strongly agree...
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