Intellectual Property Rights and Student Plagiarism, and the Impact of the Cyberspace Era

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  • Published : October 24, 2012
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[“Intellectual Property Rights and Student Plagiarism, and the Impact of the Cyberspace Era”]

Antonio Morales Cuquerella

A quick Google search of the words “write my essay for me” provides the searcher with over sixty-eight million results. Sixty-eight million options for a student to not have to write their paper. Sixty-eight millions options for a student to essentially pay their way through an essay. If those numbers aren’t scary enough, many people do not realize the extent of copyright laws and so those students or individuals who are just “borrowing” sentences and expressed ideas from other authors are inherently plagiarizing. The world has changed a lot in the last 20 years, to the extent where we now have a global interface that can tell us stories, facts, show us movies, television shows, music, and introduce us to ideas and thoughts in literally the blink of an eye. The internet has been one of the most important and influential ideas, inventions, revolutions, whatever someone choose to call it etc, of human kind’s history. It can also be one of the most dangerous and destructive inventions of recent years, especially in how parents raise their children. In today’s world, where everything the Internet rules over everything, especially in the lives of the younger generations, what are the new implications of intellectual property rights, of plagiarism, and how do we protect authors’ works and prevent plagiarism from happening? We must first go into the root of the problem: the tricky definitions of the ideas of the 21st century.

One of the most important ideas, whether it be philosophy, economical or simply ethics, is the idea of intellectual property rights, which in the encompassing term for copyright, patent, trademark laws, and trade secrets. Essentially, intellectual properties are the intangible rights that every human can possible create, such as music, art, film, ideas, written and spoken, inventions and...
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